Kulambiro, Kampala

Construction Update

Uganda’s First Sustainable Project Begins; Constructing A Sustainable Building on a Strong Foundation.

Project Name

Habitat 854


Kulambiro, Kampala


August 27, 2021

Building Construction is a challenging, significant, and rewarding process that begins with an idea and culminates into a structure that serves for several decades.

  The day has finally arrived for us in Kampala to begin the construction building for our future. With our strong vision and a dedicated team, We have started Uganda’s first sustainable building after months of planning and preparation and with the help of government authority and communities organizations.

  The project that we are constructing is based on strong values. By stating and sharing these values, I like to ensure that we define a strong foundation for every project we take.

  Aesthetic developers thrive to become more explicit and upfront about the building process in every stage of construction.

  Our project HABITAT 854 has proven to be started on our values of sustainable and quality living. You are going to witness the beginning of a great journey with this strong foundation.

  As an architect, we would like to share with you all our extensive technical expertise that will help you to encompass what a great building looks like and how it is successfully constructed. The construction of a stable foundation is one of the essential things that must be considered for a building to have long-term success. Many people, however, are unaware of how critical this is, and as a result, they encounter several issues while building their homes, which can take months or even years of labor to be lost. To prevent these issues, we will provide you with an idea of what it takes to construct a strong and successful structure.

  In this construction update, we’ll discuss over some essential elements that are a must for any structure to be stable and long-lasting.

  Generally, there are two primary components of a building project which are substructure and superstructure.

  Substructures are the lower part of the building that is constructed below the ground level and are not visible after the project is completed. The superstructure is the portion of a building that is built above the ground level, and nearly 20% of the superstructure is made up of substructures.
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What is it for?

Substructure or foundation is the most important part of any structure. You might not consider your foundation to be a complex engineering project. A strong base will have layers extending outward from the core, each of which must be carefully built on top of the previous layer until it is complete.

The first layer of the structure is the sub-structure, which is necessary to be created with passion and care if you want to succeed. The superstructure is completely supported by the foundation, which is constructed keeping in mind various factors such as dead load, live load, superimposed load, and earthquake resistance in mind. It doesn’t matter how many levels you build on top; if you don’t have a good sub-structure, everything will collapse.

So, learn from the mistakes of other people and take advantage of them and always remember to start with level one and gradually build up! Before building a foundation, the site contour is checked at three different levels in order to maintain the natural slope.

We carefully examine the soil bearing capacity before analysing design load data to ensure that our foundation is capable of supporting the superstructure. The data alone is useless until and unless good resources are made use of; thus, we used high-quality materials, professional labour, and supervision to build the foundation flawlessly.


Why does it matter to you?

In order to complete the task of laying a foundation, you must first understand the issues that could arise in your way. This will help you think and plan more clearly and prioritize quality construction. You should know about the Fractures in the foundation, walls, floors, and other types of fractures. Take a look at some of the major issues that could interrupt your work:

  • Sinking Or Settling of The Foundation
  • Upheaval in the foundation.
  • Sticky or squeaky doors that don’t open or close properly.
  • Gaps between window frames or gaps around exterior doors.
  • Floors that are sagging or uneven.
  • A Pier and Beam House with A Damp Crawl Space.
  • Separating The Wall with Counters and Cabinets

Now that you are aware of these issues, it’s time to find a solution with Aesthetic Developers. With a the vision of Changing Perspective, we guarantee that our team of experts and supervisors inspects every single brick used during construction.

Images of construction.

The ultimate benefits.

At Aesthetic Developers, our vision is to make structures beyond your imagination through our knowledge and artistic approach. You can get a considerably more rigid and sturdy structure that can withstand natural ground shifting with us.

  These resist structural moments can make your home more secure against any kind of natural calamities. Along with this, insulating properties in these structures can also help keep your home warm even during the winter season of Africa. In fact, a well-insulated basement can help you save a lot of money on your heating expenditures. So, the genesis of our Exotic project expresses two words ‘Magnum Opus.’

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Project Name

Habitat 854


Kulambiro, Kampala


August 27, 2021

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Visit the construction site to see the progress in real time and get an overview of the project…


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