Design Reviews are an evaluation process where we share our designs, achievements, construction methodologies and updates with our community. It is a method of being accountable to our clients and readers and ensuring the highest possible quality of development. 

As we look back at the Architectural Projects we have taken up and constructed this year, we are able to bring to you a list of some of our major projects and achievements.  

Some of our achievements include : 

1. Winning the International Property Awards – Africa and Arabia 

2. Presented with 5 Star by International Property Awards 

3. Receiving 5 Star by the International Property Awards 

Since the architecture industry moves rather slowly compared to the other fields, not all of our major projects are complete. Some are partially constructed, some ready to be inaugurated and some yet to be built. We believe that we are, however, playing our part in being environmentally conscious while designing as well as in the execution of our projects. 

A few things that you would find common in all our works, across the world are:

  1. Thoughtfully Planned Structures
  2. Finest Choice of Materials
  3. Quality Construction 
  4. Breather Spaces 
  5. Landscaped Areas 
  6. Loaded Amenities 
  7. Engaging Architecture
  8. Energy-Efficient Design

We make sure we deliver to our clients the promises we make… and more…

Some of our major projects that have been going on throughout the year 2021 include:

Projects in India  

A. Al Jamea 

This project is located in Marol, Mumbai and is a large community project. The design includes a University, a hostel, a stay facility for the faculty, an auditorium, courtyards and playgrounds. The project is designed using the Fatimid style of architecture and is derived from the Al Azahar Masjid.

Al Jamea - Arial View

B. SBUT (Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust Project)

This project is located in Bhindi Bazaar in Mumbai and is India’s largest cluster redevelopment project (16.5 acres) is in the heart of Mumbai city. The design includes a replica of the Saifi Masjid Dargah. This is a master planning project with best practices of planning incorporated in design thinking. 

The design includes 9 sub-clusters for better planning and management. Modern and Islamic style of architecture has been used in designing the clusters for this project. 

SBUT - Mumbai, India

C. Maula Ya Adam Qubba

This Qubba is located in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The Qubba is being rebuilt in the original style of architecture but with better construction. 50% of the RCC work for the Qubba is completed as of yet. The target is to complete the Qubba in the next 3 months. 

Maula Ya Adam Qubba

D. Centennial Gems

Centennial Gems is a Community residential project in Boisar, Maharashtra. It consists of thoughtfully planned 1BHK and 1.5BHK houses with amenities for a better lifestyle. This design promotes community living and a healthy atmosphere.

Centennial Gems

E. Ratlam Bungalow & Masjid

The Ratlam Bungalow and Masjid are located in Ratlam, M.P.  The design astutely incorporates Mughal and Islamic Architectural elements in the design. The construction of both the Bungalow and Masjid are completed and are awaiting inauguration. 

Ratlam Bungalow

Projects in Yemen 

A. Shumayla Masjid 

The Shumayla Masjid contains elements of Islamic architecture in its design. Some design elements also include the Yemeni style of architecture. The facade of the masjid is completely made of stone. The RCC work of the masjid is completed and the interior and finishing work is ongoing. 

Shumayla Masjid

B. Saawan Masjid 

The Saawan Masjid’s architecture is derived from the local Yemeni style of architecture. Some facade elements replicate the local architectural style. The facade is made of stone and Qamariya is used for windows. The RCC construction of the Masjid is now complete and the interior work is ongoing. 

Saawan Masjid

Projects in Uganda

A. Habitat 854 

This is one of the finest residential projects in Uganda. Located in the city of Kampala, it is a project that provides peace and tranquility. With the best quality construction and world-class amenities, this under-construction project is set out to be one of the most successful and talked about projects in Uganda. 

Habitat 854

B. The Residence (Rubirizi one) 

This project is a single house residence designed by the Aesthetic Group in Uganda. Designed with our expertise in architecture and sustainable design, this residence exhibits exceptional design and amenities. This residence also won an award at the International Africa and Arabia Awards 2020-2021. 

The Residence Rubirizi one

C. Industrial Complex (USPC)

The industrial complex in Uganda was redesigned by Aesthetic Developers in context with its surrounding areas with the latest technologies in quality construction and thoughtful design…

Industrial Complex USPC

D. The Four Square Residence (Naalya Villa)

The Four Square Residence includes redesigning the elevation and interior of the already existing villa in Naalya, Kampala. The elevation design has transformed the old villa into a classic and luxurious-looking home. 

The Four Square Residence Naalya Villa

With the need for sustainable design and construction becoming increasingly urgent, Aesthetic Group delves into new research and technologies for better achieving these aims. 

Every year, local developers and authorities have the power to change their perspectives and remodel their old methods of planning and construction. We have brought about new ambitious trends in a developing country like Uganda, hoping to inspire and impact the cityscape in a positive light. With our projects in Uganda and around the world, we want to encourage mindful planning, a sustainable solution, and an eye to create better quality spaces for the people. 

Let us pledge to recognize the innovative solutions by developers to promote sustainable and high-quality living, adapting to the changing times. The importance of a good design can be assessed based on its future potential and value. 

Our projects draw in the expertise of 30 years of practice in the field. The objectivity and ability to think forward within the context of the wider practice of design and development are what makes Aesthetic Group stand apart from the rest! For more information about our upcoming projects, follow us.

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