Here’s the Best Place to Celebrate Holidays with Your Family

Are the Covid based restrictions stopping you from celebrating the holidays with your family? 

Not enough space and access to amenities to host a joyous Christmas party? 

There is no need to worry anymore. Buying a home at any of the projects of Aesthetic Group will take away all these troubles of yours.  

As the year 2021 comes to an end, it can feel a little impossible to escape the loop of societal and economic issues and the resultant gloomy environment around. Climate change is turning out to be more disastrous day after day and people are finding lesser means and purpose to live a full life. However, as seen across the entire history of humanity to date, sad and gloomy times especially lead us to a new Renaissance. The springing of new ideas and innovations usually takes place after a period of distress – as they say, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”.  

The most important and neglected arena, however, is the built environment. It is the built environment with which we engage daily and yet it is the least discussed of! It is quite impossible to disengage from the built environment around us! Even the simplest and smallest tasks take place in the built environments – from rural to urban, from residential to commercial and more importantly – almost all tasks in the last two years have taken place in our homes! Right from eating, working, playing, worshipping, entertainment – everything has taken place in our homes. There has been a drastic shift in the functional uses of residential areas. All these significant changes have made designers rethink the way homes are planned. 

These changes have brought about new transformations in the design methodologies and ranking of priorities while planning. Sustainability, quality of workmanship and the design of multipurpose spaces (due to the ‘work from home’ culture) are the predominant factors that architects and developers now need to consider to make the spaces more enjoyable in these transitional times. 

We at Aesthetic Group have been working on Sustainability and Quality Design for 30 years now and our designs are well analyzed, contextual and planned as per the requirements of not just this generation but for future generations as well. Mindful of the need for amenities and breather spaces in and around homes, our designs accommodate these factors along with energy efficiency and natural light and ventilation throughout the structures. These best practices can be witnessed in the best possible manner in the homes that we design using our expertise in sustainable designs over the years.

Other factors that you can experience in our designs are as follows: 

Habitat 854 Swimming Pool

·  The Community Spaces and Shared Amenities

  1. Spaces to work, shop, stay active and relax, evoke a sense of community among the residents.

·  The Natural Setting and Holistic Design 

  1. Integrate and elevate the surrounding neighborhood of Kulambiro
  2. No disruptions in the tranquil local urbanscape.

·  State-of-the-art Indoor Gym Facilities 

  1. High-quality indoor gym facilities for a happier, healthier life.

·  Quiet and Dynamic Residential Co-working Spaces

  1. With work-from-home and remote working being on the rise, our designs ensure spaces to spark creativity and encourage productivity. 

·  Gated Community and Extensive Security Network

  1. Extensive security camera network and gated entrance with access control to make you feel safe at home.

·  Communal Landscaped Terraces with Unique Vistas

  1. Landscape areas to relax, unwind and reconnect with nature while soaking in the stunning panoramic vistas.

·  Safe and Engaging Play-area for Children 

  1. Children would have a space to explore, create and grow with a fun outdoor play area.

·  Swimming Pool for Residents

  1. Private swimming pool situated at the top of the property.

·  Incredible Views

  1. Orientation of the building is such that the best views of Kulambiro are seen through each apartment. 

·  Perfect Living Conditions for Every Apartment.

  1. Passive design principles incorporated, ensuring natural light and ventilation in each apartment.
  2. Energy cost saving in the long-run.

·  Natural Ventilation 

  1. Smart and sustainable design to stabilize the temperature of the home all year round. 
  2. Sun shading for windows to adjust the sunlight entering.

·  Perfect Location for Your Family to Call Home

  1. The site is in an idyllic residential suburb(Kulambiro) offering its residents access to the city of Kampala’s abundant amenities.

·  Miscellaneous Initiatives

  1. Solar panels on the roof, rainwater harvesting tank, biodigester, and sewage treatment plant.
  2. A self-sufficient sustainable development project.

·  Apartment Options 

  1. Habitat 854 is home to 35 exceptional residential units and 3 unique apartment types.

Aesthetic Group, beyond a doubt, is focused on providing the best of facilities and living abodes to its customers. The Covid Impacts have brought about more thoughtful and empathetic planning of spaces – especially residential with “staying at home” becoming the norm. You can expect to have an enjoyable and full life at the homes designed by us as we have considered most of the aspects of living at a pleasurable place to call HOME! 

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