Projects by Aesthetic Group to Look forward to in 2022

Are you happy about the place you live in?

Do you think your home couldn’t be any better than it is now? 

If your answer to the above questions was ‘No!’, Read on…

Each year, the trends and design inclinations of people across the world change. However, 2021 was a different year – it brought a big change in the mindset and way of living of people. This year has brought about accelerated changes in designing, marketing and execution – opening a massive opportunity for innovation and experimentation.

Covid has got every design firm to think back on the processes and methodologies they currently follow. It has brought about a paradigm shift in the way of living and working. The old ways of designing buildings and properties don’t work anymore and need to adapt well to the changing climate and changing needs of the people. 

Aesthetic Group has been trusted by clients for 30 years now, who believe in Architectural Excellence and that spaces we inhabit today will inculcate our successes not just today but for the coming generations! We have grown with each project for 30 years and our expertise is reflected in our designs which focus on Environmental Consciousness, Quality and Humanisation of Building Design. 

Usually firms design as per the growing requirements of the market. However, we at Aesthetic Group think ahead and design for future requirements. Architects at Aesthetic Group follow the future perspective and show the market what it needs! We don’t wait for a catastrophe like Covid to happen, to think about Sustainability. We have been agents of change with a focus on comfort, convenience, smart living and future preparedness with quality construction!  

Our expertise in Architecture has taught us to live the Quote by Norman Foster “As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.”

We use the knowledge of our past mistakes to provide the best of facilities in our upcoming projects. We aim to change the perspective of people, to be able to provide our clients with a beautiful place to call Home! A home, which is not replaceable, which makes you feel at peace, a place where you can enjoy without being stressed! 

Would you like to live in a home that considers all the above factors? If your answer is ‘Yes’ let us tell you about homes like these. 

Our upcoming Projects – Habitat 698 in Naalya and Habitat 5253 in Acorns are our finest projects to look forward to in the New year. 

With Sustainability at the soul of our designs, these captivating and enthralling complexes are going to be homes to be envious of

These projects are named in such that “habitat” here means an ecosystem (An ecosystem is a self-sustaining, interacting community) and the numbers are the plot numbers – specifying the customization of the project to the context of the site

We are on the path to providing the life of your dreams to you! We are here to bring the human touch to you – to build better relationships and promote mindful consumption of the Earth’s resources.

Some of the features of these upcoming projects are going to be as follows: 

  1. Health gardens 
  2. Spacious balconies
  3. Penthouses
  4. Private terraces 
  5. Infinity pools 
  6. Jogging tracks 
  7. World-class infrastructure 
  8. Green neighborhood 
  9. Transit supportive complex
  10. Engaging spaces enthralling setting 
  11. Nudging you closer to a greener neighborhood
  12. 2 and 3bhk Homes
  13. Coworking spaces to inspire
  14. Swimming pool 
  15. Landscape terraces
  16. Areas for relaxing 
  17. Adequate parking facilities
  18. No 2 apartments facing each other 
  19. Perfect daylight and natural ventilation
  20. Indoor air quality  
  21. Common property areas for residents to rejuvenate
  22. Gated community and smart security systems
  23. Best Quality raw materials for construction
  24. Quality Construction (methodologies and techniques)
  25. Firesafety and Acoustically treated 

The Habitat 698 is located near the Naalya roundabout connecting to two major roads namely the NDAWULA Road and the Naalya Road. 

The Habitat 5253 is located near the Kisasi roundabout and connects to the Kampala Northern Bypass Highway. 

These projects are just the beginning of an era of Sustainable designs and construction. We aim to build a community of people who believe in the excellence of architecture and the power that properties hold to change the perspective of the world! 

Our designed Spaces help you Work from home, Study from home, Play from home and Shop from home! We hope to make an impact on the minds of people and also raise the bar in property construction in Uganda! 

We would like you to join us in this journey of ours and follow us for new projects and updates.

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